Our History

It all began with a small passion for creating something new, and ended up being a leading manufacturer of cone cups world wide. When Manuel Roversi founded Konie Cups in 1949, he took his passion for manufacturing and took it to the next level with quality products, excellent customer service and superior work environment. Starting off in a small city in Venezuela, Konie Cups became a recognizable brand in South America, and once its headquarters were moved to Miami, FL, Konie became a leading manufacturer of cone cups world wide.


Manuel Roversi sells his sugar refinery mill to invest in disposable cups.


He pioneers in bringing the first disposable cup machine to his native Venezuela–three machines are brought in.


7 new conical cup machines are brought in.


Government laws are passed granting foreign companies to invest in Venezuela offering, among other perks, “Zero Importing
Tariffs.” Venezuelan Companies are still subjected to importing tariffs.


The American Can Company and its Dixie brand establish operations in Venezuela.

1955 - 1965

Manuel’s company struggles to keep afloat due to the burden of importing tariffs.


Second generation enters the business. Market share of Konie Cups is 30% in Venezuela.


Manuel’s company starts manufacturing plastic cups. Importing tariffs are lifted. Market share grows to 50%.


Manuel sells the plastic cup machines to concentrate on paper cone cups. Market share is 55%. 5 new machines are brought in.

1980 - 1985

More machines are brought in and market share grows to 65%.

1985 - 1992

Export market is entered. New machines are added. Market share (in Venezuela) hits highest participation at 85%.


Konie Cups USA is opened. 3 new SKUs are manufactured (4 oz, 4.5 oz and 6 Oz).


Konie joins ISSA and starts participating in trade shows.


The company continues to run its 2 manufacturing facilities and has presence in Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.


Konie starts manufacturing private labeled cups for renowned retailers.


Third generation comes in. 3 new SKUs are developed (8 oz, 10 Oz and Funnel cup).


Konie becomes the 2nd largest cone cup manufacturer in the world.


Konie becomes AIB certified.


Konie develops a prototype paper soufflé cup machine.


Souffle cup prototype is tested and redesigned. Machine runs at high efficiency levels.


After a successful trial, Konie Cups approves construction of several soufflé machines.