On Agriculture & Cone Cups

Though winter may still be in full swing, most of our clients are already thinking of warmer days.

Officially 40 days until spring, farmers prepare for apricots, asparagus, lettuce, kale and so much more. This means that farmers are looking at a full day’s work outside.

Cone cups have been widely known for office purposes. You’ve seen them next to water coolers so employees can get quick servings of water before they head back to their desks; however, we pride ourselves on how our cone cups are far more than just for the office.

The biggest trend we’ve seen with our cups is the increase in paper cone cups in both the healthcare and agricultural industries. 

Today, we’ll briefly focus on agricultural.

One of the reasons why we believe there has been an increase of interest on the agricultural industry is the easiness that our cone cups give  farmers to drink water. Add to that the peace of mind knowing our paper cups are biodegradable should one cup be left behind on the ground. It’s a solution that allows laborers to drink water while far out in their field. Furthermore, our 6.0 & 7.0 Oz  cone cups allow for larger intakes of water vs the 4.5 Oz paper cone cups used mainly at offices or marathons.

We do what we do because we truly believe our cups can make a positive impact to our community. This is isn’t just us voicing our goals, it’s what our clients say our cone cups do for them. So next time you’re looking to expand your market, look no further than the agricultural industry. We’re sure there’s plenty of growth there.