A Look Into Our Packaging

“What packaging is better?”

“What product do customers usually prefer?”

“What is the main selling point for KR or KBR?”

We get asked this all the time, and call us biased, but we love both our inner carton/chip-board and poly bag. Though the cup style and size do not vary, the packaging options have each their unique selling points.

KR Packaging

If your customers are looking for an easier way to perfectly stack our cone cups, then our inner chipboard (KR) packaging is the best option for you. Carton being a sturdier material, allows inner cases to stack up better and faster.

KBR Packaging

If your customers are seeking to have an easier to carry, lighter and slightly more affordable packaging option, our inner poly bag packaging may be just the right fit.

Ultimately, it all depends on what you or your client is looking for. Both types of packaging have been standing strong since we began manufacturing, and we foresee them to continue to be that way.

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