Our New Normal

Embracing the unknown. A phrase that can be arguably coined as cliché for the past 11 months.

COVID-19 has affected everyone globally. From not being able to leave the house at all, to now wearing a facial mask in public, or from wearing gloves to having to wash your hands every hour or so, it’s no surprise that we struggle to find stability when things keep constantly changing.

Opinions are everywhere; however, sticking to trustworthy and research-based sources is the most reliable way to keep calm and continue to maneuver this unknown territory.

Enter the CDC. Here at Konie, we have diligently followed all the recommendations the CDC has offered. We not only follow these in our own manufacturing facility, but also in our constant striving to better help our customers and community. We have been pleased to see how our cone cups have allowed many companies to safely reopen and allow their clients and/or employees to drink water, transfer liquids from one container to another and even helping mix DIY disinfectants in the most hygienic and cost-effective way possible.

Since day one, cone cups have been most popular for office use thanks to its affordability, ease of use and recyclability. These characteristics are even more important in our current circumstances. Cone cups offer the opportunity to keep water fountains at use in areas such as parks, offices or schools while preventing the spread. Our most popular sizes are 4.0 and 4.5, but some customers prefer our 6.0 oz cups, given they offer a larger gulp of water.

In the past, our funnels have prevailed mainly in the automotive industry, where clients use them to quickly and easily change oil. Now, there’s been an increase in using our paper funnels to mix chemicals for at-home disinfectants. The CDC recommends to mix “1/3 cup of 5.25-8.25% bleach added to 1 gallon of room temperature water, or 70% alcohol solutions.” * (CDC 2019).

Konie is committed to helping our community as we continue to live through this new normal. Together we can and we will get through this.